Wednesday, August 17, 2016

PhyloclassTalk was used to solve a homicide

PhyloclassTalk, an open-source phylogeographic text-mining system based in BioSmalltalk, was used in veterinary forensics to solve a homicide! The September 2016 issue of Legal Medicine includes an article which fully describes the case in detail. PhyloclassTalk was used to narrow blasted sequences of the species (Canis Familiaris) and extract proper meta-data (Breed names) from NCBI's GenBank. A hand-crafted database of dog breeds was built and integrated into a PhyloclassTalk repository to classify (by breed name) and observe the ones located in Argentina, where the sample of and individual was found in a crime scene. Finally it was also used to build and export the results to Arlequin format. PhyloclassTalk paper is almost completed, meanwhile a beta release of the software can be downloaded from its web site.

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